Saturday, 30 January 2016

Test Shots (1)

These are my favorite photos from the first test shoot which I took landscape. I think that the overall style and design of the images create a professional look which would work well in my music magazine. The models which I have used portray a realistic young indie/alternative band who produce some rock songs. I made sure they were all of a similar height and wore suitable clothes which worked well together. I think the colors and designs effectively combine well to produce an image which can easily be identified as a three band members. I will use of these as my main front cover photo.

I also took some individual self portrait shots during the shoot. These include two model members of the band which I thought would be relevant in other parts of the magazine including the contents and double page spread.

Finally I decided to take some photos of the two girl model band members so that I had a range of different combinations of photos to use when creating my music magazine.I told them to think of there relationship as sisters or best friends so that I could see a close connection in the photography.

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