Sunday, 17 January 2016

Reflecting On My Research

Organisation and Time Management

So far I think that I have kept up the coursework demands in the schedule and have met all deadlines in advance. I also think I have understood in which order the tasks should be completed and have achieved more than enough for each section.

Research and Planning 

I have learn't a lot from the research which I have done, including the type of genre and structure which my magazine will follow. I have also found inspiration from similar artists which resemble my type of style, allowing me to look at similar designs and compare the differences across the different magazine titles out there currently. The colour palette is an extremely important part of the magazine design and personally I have been influenced by the combination of Loud and Quiet's magazine covers and double page spread, as they always use the traditional black and white whilst adding a splash of sharp colour, like red or blue. I like Vibe's use of unique colour patterns which they use to catch the reader's eye line. I am going to put my own edge on my creation which will be clear though the use of added patterns and cover lines.


I have began using Photoshop which I have previously used before so I think that I am fairly confident with creating a final magazine using it. I am now able to Scribd documents and embed them onto my blog post on Blogger. I can also create videos on Stupflix and upload them to youtube easily.

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