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Draft Article

Exclusive Interview with Lilly Fox

“Music is a world within itself; it’s a language we all understand”

At this year’s St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Singapore we spoke to Lilly Fox about her latest music success in the indie/alternative industry, and the opportunities she has explored from day one. Hot on the topic ASY discuss his new album ‘X-R’ and how she influenced her songwriter Julie Walters when producing them.

So Lilly are you excited about tonight’s festival right here in the beautiful Singapore?
I couldn’t be any more ecstatic with the turnout of people and the fantastic mood which they were all for tonight’s performance. Opportunities like this are rare for a band like us who are from a small part of Cornwall called St.Ives. 

Here at ASY we heard you haven’t been in one place for too long, why don’t you tell us about your recent visits? 
Everyday has been something new; I’ve been living up the high life in Los Angeles at times, and have met many incredible people throughout my journey so far. Being a music artist is truly the most surreal experience, and every day I wake up I expect it to be a dream. 

You mentioned you ‘have met many incredible people’, explain some of the highlights? 
Where to begin…first of there is my band mates who are all like my best friends, they always support me when we are in practicing and we have such a laugh together. Then there is the unpredictable quirky Sam Richie my all-time favourite artist who has been my inspiration even since I was a little kid back in school. Only last week I met my new backing instrumental crew who were absolutely phenomenal, the way they combined their talents and experience together was breath taking. I feel so lucky to be able to work with such an incredible group of individuals.

  Enough about other people, we heard you recently signed a new record label with Universal Music Group (UMG) 
Wow, yes I was contacted by the company last Tuesday by Amy Sanders who mentioned that ‘Ross Smith’ the owner of UMG was delighted to offer me a signed record label deal with them, after a previous interview two weeks before. I have many new exciting things coming my way in the next few months, like festivals all over the USA and in the romantic city of Paris France. 

Your new album ‘X-R’ is out on the 18th of February, what’s it all about? 
Well we decided to focus on the individual emotions behind each song and create an album which conveyed music at its best. X-R brings you the best of all worlds, combining upbeat inspiring songs, alongside a selection of songs which I stripped back to the roots, re-introducing the best of my original UK tour. 

How has your songwriter Julie Walters made been a part of this? 
Julie has been a huge part of my life for the past year, allowing me to produce some amazing very professional sounds which she co-ordinated and enhanced for me. Julie has always been there for me especially when I was struggling to find motivation in the studio and successfully cheered me up when we was faced with a tough crowd. 

Will you catch up with us soon and discuss how your new album goes down? Of course, I can’t wait to see if all that hard work has paid off and how our fans react to it. December is going to be blast when we hit the lights of New York and meet Daniel Jordan.

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