Sunday, 17 January 2016

Evaluation of my Research so Far

After doing my research for the past two weeks I have decide which genre I am going to choose and roughly how I am going to structure my magazine inside each page. The genre will be indie/alternative with a splash of rock in there. All three pages will be fairly simplistic and minimalistic but on contrast will have some sharp colours alongside some bold traditional colours. The cover inspired by 'DIY' & 'Loud and Quiet' music magazines will be structured with a medium sized masthead positioned on the top right hand side of cover. I will be using my selected title from previous research 'ASY' but with a few alterations. There will be one main image which covers the whole page preferably a side front looking shot, which will be on top of a smooth relaxing colour as the background. My contents page inspired by 'Q', 'DIY' and 'Loud and Quiet' will be either a list of short cover lines on the left hand side with a few images on the right hand side, or a scatter look in which the writing is formed in different shapes and sizes. I will have a small photo of my front cover on my contents page in the corner and have a large masthead which covers the whole length of the page. My double page spread inspired by 'VIBE' and 'Loud and Quiet' will be structured with one main image on the left hand side with the other side featuring one main cover line, full article and some added small text. The questions in the article will be bold to make it my targeted audience to identify the different subjects within.


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