Friday, 15 January 2016

Colour Analysis & Font Examples

I think that these mast heads look very bold and eye catching which will draw the reader in and entice them to purchase the magazine. The fonts look professional and I think that they will fit within my indie/alternative genre. Most of them offer a modern quirky look, especially Tw Cen MT and Marker Felt. Considering that my mast head will be at the top left hand side of the page I want something which compliments the images and strap lines below, therefore selecting the right balance is key.

I decided to choose these type of fonts for my strap lines / cover lines, I think that they all work well and can easily read from a distance which will enable my targeted audience to understand the topics without having to actually pick the magazine up. The spacing and style of these fonts are similar to the mast head fonts however offer a more subtle less bold type of text which will allow the mast head to regain the most attention on the page alongside the main image.

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