Sunday, 14 February 2016

Reflection on my Draft Magazine

After completing my draft magazine I feel I have made progress with the design structure and layout of which I wanted my magazine to follow. I also think that from my previous experience with Photoshop I have improved a lot and gained some more skills when editing photos and positioning items. I think that my cover has turned out the most successful as it looks the most professional and how I originally wanted it to look however I feel for the second draft I need to improve it by using even more technical skills and enhancing the images with more interesting ideas which make it stand out. The contents I think was okay for a first draft but needs a lot more detail, including more detail and better conventional layout, which I have been told through feedback from my peers in class. My double page spread I think is a good design however I think I am going to completely change it and design it in a more unique way so that it fits in with my targeted indie audience. Overall I also think more photos are need to be taken to improve the quality of the magazine and so that my pages look more informative, appealing and fit the criteria.

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